Best practice sustainable farming

Kagome Farms (and all contract growers) use both seeds and seedlings from approved suppliers. The varieties chosen are determined by the applications and attributes required in the end product. For example; some seeds are developed as dice varieties for their shape integrity, others for paste as they produce high colour and viscosity.

Seedlings are transplanted over Sept-Oct according to a set plan to deliver a consistent volume of paste and dice fruit to the factory all harvest season.

More than 50% of our tomato production is grown from our contract growers. 100% of our tomatoes are now grown using drip irrigation, which is better to control plant growth and for the environment.

Planting 4

Kagome Planting Calendar

Activity Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Planting schedule determined
Land preparation
Winter maintenance period
Seedlings growing at nursery
Fertiliser drilling pre-plant
Tomato crop growing period
Tomato harvest
Post-harvest tomato field cleaning
Winter (rotation) crop planting
Winter crop growing period
Winter crop harvest