Research & Development

Product Development

Create your flavor identity with our Research and Development Team. Let us help you innovate in the fast moving ever evolving food industry. From concept to commercialisation to market success, we are committed to being your sauce creation partner. Our product development process takes the guess work out of achieving your gold standard and allows you to set yourself up for culinary success. Let Kagome take on the opportunity to be your devoted partner in innovation.

Culinary Application

Stay ahead of the curve and utilise Kagome’s Executive Chef in taking ordinary sauce and creating extraordinary dishes. With years of industry experience our Chef is dedicated to pushing flavour boundaries and applying it to your operational needs.

Our goal is to target your standards of excellence and quality expectations right down to the last bite.
Kagome food research and development
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Nutritional Analysis

Kagome has the resources to analyze your products from benchtop development to commercialised products. If you are looking for Halal, Kosher, clean-label, 100% plant-based sauces, we have the passion, the skills and the industry knowledge to assist in getting your products out to consumers.

Sensory Analysis

At Kagome, we believe our customers should never compromise flavour and function. We are focused on the methodology and science of creating sauce that consistently delivers memorable taste experiences. We use a combination of analytical testing along with comprehensive sensory analysis to provide our customers with products that taste good but function under the most challenging environments. Our team is able to assist in various types of opportunities such as matching specific flavour profiles or finding efficient ways to utilize flavour enhancing techniques to give you what you need to achieve your culinary gold standard.

Value Optimisation

Combining the creative world of culinary and the expertise of our food scientists we are able to create chef-inspired products that enhance your customers dining experience. With our expertise we can put your food visions into action with our ability to take culinary aspirations and translate them into cost efficient additions to your customers eating experience.

Colours and Nutrition

Kagome strives to not only produce products that taste good and complement our customers’ menu, but that are also aesthetically pleasing, enhance the flavor AND overall appearance of the final dish. We know the quality – including taste, appearance and application – of our products directly affects our customers’ menu items.

This attention to detail goes deeper than providing top quality, it stems from our Japanese roots. In the Japanese culture, food (in addition to being nourishing) should look as good as it tastes!

QA Sauce
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