Functional Powders.

NinjinFibre® Carrot Powder.

An all natural fibre produced in the processing of carrots.
Kagome Australia manufacture NinjinFibre® Carrot Powder. A natural product that binds water and oil and adds dietary fibre.
  • Absorbs up to 26 times its weight in water
  • Has prebiotic properties
  • May enhance satiety and improve digestion
  • Australian grown and made
  • Natural ingredient

More information on the benefits of Ninjin Powder

Ninjin typical Values
Kagome Ninjin powder


  • Natural fibre 
  • Does not contain additives or preservatives 
  • Allergen free 
  • Mild taste for versatile application
  • Moisture absorption properties
  • Prebiotic properties which support digestion and enhances feeling of satiety
Kagome ninjin powder additive in meat


  • Fibre addition for food
    and beverages
  • Natural thickener for food
    and beverages
  • Meat extender and phosphate replacer
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Pet food
Dog Food Ninjin Powder

Packaging Format

  • 20kg
  • 800kg
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