Farming - Our Growers

At Kagome we grow 35% of our own tomato crops, allowing us to closely monitor each and every tomato that enters the factory for processing. The other 65% is contracted with other local growers, again under our supervision and a close partnership where we assist and share ideas and industry knowledge.

Our farming area in southern NSW and northern Victoria stretches from Lake Boga and Boort (west of Echuca) to Deniliquin (north of Echuca) and Rochester (south of Echuca).

As growers of our own product we have direct control over the varieties we plant, where we grow them, time of planting and the choice of insecticide chosen to protect the fruit while on the vine.

We also have the ability to choose the method of harvesting and transport to our processing facility, the process for converting the tomato into paste or dice, and the type of storage and delivery to our customers.
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