Kagome Food Service

The Foodservice Facility has already proven the ability to make excellent quality pizza sauce, and currently produces the following:

  • Tomato paste and puree
  • Crushed tomatoes
  • BBQ and pasta sauces

As well as the equipment and knowledge to produce salsa and tomato sauces.

Kagome John Bull Supplier

John Bull  Australian Tomato Pouch Products proudly using 100% Australian Tomatoes grown and produced by Kagome Australia.
For John Bull sales enquiries and a free sample contact FTA Food Solutions

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Yum Star Award for Food Safety Excellence

The Foodservice Facility was completed in January 2015 with the main aim of producing pizza sauces. One of our major customers is YUM! Brands Inc., which is among the world’s largest restaurant companies. They are comprised of over 41,000 restaurants, comprised of three main brands – KFC, Pizza Hut & Taco Bell. They have a presence in over 125 countries and territories, with revenues of more than US$13 billion.

To obtain YUM! as a customer, the Kagome Quality & Foodservice Teams had to undergo a very high standard customer certification audit to ensure that Kagome Australia’s product will uphold YUM!’s reputation of high quality service and product. Kagome Australia not only passed the audit but was awarded the STAR PERFORMER AWARD for its dedication to achieving the YUM! QA standards.

An incredible amount of work was required by all quality team members and their passion for QA cannot be questioned. Considering the short amount of time available from when the Foodservice Facility was completed until the audit was performed, this achievement is simply outstanding.

The impact to Kagome Australia in having YUM! as a customer will have major financial benefits for both the company and the wider community, as more jobs can be provided well into the future.