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Good Manufacturing Practices


As part of our commitment to quality and food safety, we follow the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) that are globally established and recognised by all major food manufacturers.

GMPs apply to all the practical aspects of food manufacturing, such as training our people, wearing protective clothing, equipment cleaning and maintenance, proper handling of ingredients and packaging, and waste management.

Kagome Quality Assurance

Quality & Food Safety

At Kagome, our mantra is “Quality First, Profit Second” and we apply this to every decision we make about our products and processes, every day. The safety of our customers and consumers is our greatest responsibility and our highest priority. To this end, we have invested in developing the Kagome QMS (Quality Management System), which encompasses our entire supply chain, from paddock to plate.

The Kagome QMS is based on the International Standards for food safety and quality, and we are proud to be certified to the globally recognised FSSC22000 Food Safety management scheme, as well as ISO9001 and HACCP.


The Kagome Quality & Food Safety Policy formally describes our commitments, based on these five pillars:

  • Quality First
  • Safe Food
  • Compliance
  • Trust
  • Right First Time

Kagome Quality & Food Safety Policy

Kagome Pizza Sauces

Processed Can Be Healthy

Although there are many tasty reasons to enjoy the savory Italian dish, consumers will be happy to learn there are nutritious benefits as well! Of course, in order to be a well-rounded meal (pun intended) the quality of the ingredients matter.

Many consumers assume the veggie toppings are what make a pizza healthy, but it’s actually what is under the cheese that holds the nutrition. When we break down the layers of a pizza, the tomato sauce, by volume, provides the most benefits. Although the word “processed” has gained a rather negative connotation, processed tomatoes can actually provide nutritious benefits that cannot be obtained from fresh tomatoes. A freshly picked tomato is 95% water but by processing the fruit the nutrients are then concentrated, especially lycopene.

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