Our Industrial Range:

Quality and Innovation from Farm to Table

At Kagome Australia, our passion extends beyond the 200,000 tonnes of tomatoes we process, embracing a broader bounty of 50,000 tonnes of carrots, beetroots, apples, and pears.

As a major supplier to retail and foodservice customers, we take pride in manufacturing superior Industrial Tomato Paste, Diced, and Passata products. While it's always been Kagome behind our customers' great tomato-based brands, we also process apple and pear from single-strength puree and paste up to 38 brix. Additionally, we are capable of producing carrot and beetroot juice up to 50 brix.

Furthermore, we export tomato products and carrot concentrate that are used in making our famous vegetable-based beverages that are market leaders in Japan.

We are proud to grow, harvest, and process our tomato and carrot products in the sun-kissed soil of the Echuca region. Working closely with growers, producers, and consumers, we deliver value-added products that are true to nature, every time.

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