Kagome Careers

We are bringing Nature's superfoods to Australian tables and need great people to help us deliver!

We spend our summers lovingly tending our 1800 - 2100 hectare tomato crop and our winters processing our 100% Australian-grown carrots. With a myriad of tasks to make it all happen, we need enthusiastic team players to give us a hand. With a diverse range of employment opportunities across the entire organisation, there is sure to be a perfect calling for you at Kagome.
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Go where we are going ...

Here at Kagome we demand high performance, value diversity and seek out innovation from our people. We understand that diverse backgrounds and perspectives drive that innovation and that our brands, our global network and our people are the key factors in creating sustainable growth. As a commercial farming and food production business we have careers in a variety of disciplines from financial management, human resource administration, farm management, production, marketing and product development and much more.

Once you join Kagome there are numerous opportunities to grow and advance. We’re looking for the best and brightest, check out open positions currently available.

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