Kagome (Japan) boasts 100 years’ experience in the tomato growing and processing industry.  Kagome’s founder Ichitaro Kanie introduced tomato-based products to Japan and understood the health benefits they bought with them. From these humble beginnings Kagome is now the largest primary producer of tomato-based ingredients in Japan. Under Kagome’s ownership, Kagome (Australia) is part of a global brand that embodies quality, innovation and sustainability.

True to nature, the flavour of Kagome

The company mantra “True to nature, the flavour of Kagome” underpins all we strive for and is also our promise to our customers. Kagome prides itself on providing products that maximise the benefits of nature’s gifts and works consistently to contribute to the health and wellbeing of people around the world.

During a typical season Kagome is committed to providing products that maximize the benefits of nature’s bounty and support people’s wellness and longevity. Embracing this commitment, Kagome endeavours to remain a food company that is an integral part of people’s lifestyles and society at large.

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