SGS 22000

Kagome Foods Australia Pty Ltd has been assessed and complies with the requirements of
SGS FSSC 22000 FOOD SAFETY SYSTEM Certification.

SGS ISO 9001

Kagome Foods Australia Pty Ltd been accessed and certified as meeting the requirements of
SGS ISO 9001 :2008 AS/NZS Certification.


The Muddy Boots Software is a self-assessment tool that targets Unilever’s fresh produce supply chain and enables Unilever and their suppliers to track and monitor progress and create evidence-based improvement action plans.

Kagome Farms and all other Kagome Foods suppliers are now fully compliant with the Unilever Muddy Boots program

Sustainable Supplier 2014 2015

Kagome Australia have been certified a ‘Sustainable Supplier’ in accordance with the Unilever Sustainable Agriculture Code and Scheme Rules.


Freshcare was originally developed as a stand-alone, HACCP based, on-farm food safety program for the fresh produce industry. Certification to the Freshcare Food Safety & Quality Code of Practice provides an independent (3rd party) verification that a recognised food safety program is followed by Freshcare Certified enterprises.


The Freshcare Environmental Code was developed in parallel with the development of theGuidelines for Environmental Assurance in Australian Horticulture, part of the Horticulture for Tomorrow project funded by the Commonwealth Government. The Freshcare Environmental Code was specifically designed to be an ‘implementation ready’ tool for growers to assist them in achieving environmental objectives and outcomes consistent with those sought through the ISO 14001 environmental management process.


Government Compliance

As part of our environmental awareness and obligations, we have been annually reporting to these government organisations:

  • EREP – Environment and Resource Efficiency Plan
  • NPI – National Pollution Inventory

The data that is generated from these reports is used to analyse our yearly situation in terms of how much energy and resources we have consumed in comparison to how much raw material we processed.

EPA Compliance

EPA compliance – Environment Protection Agency

Late 2012 we utilized a government funded Sustainability Audit performed by ACERT (Assessing Compliance & Environmental Risk Training).  The aim of the audit was to determinate our liability and risk.  From this, two recommendations were given;

  • Stormwater management (Bunding)
  • Documentation of the Environmental Management System

Both recommendations were promptly resolved and we have now achieved full compliance.

Carbon Footprint

We contracted the services of Beyond Green to assess our energy consumption and calculate our carbon footprint.

Though this project is currently in its intermediate stage, upon completion it will assist in establishing environmental objectives and targets, while developing some operational control measures.

Farm & Factory Sustainability Teams

The Sustainability Teams are responsible for all operational sustainability initiatives and improvements across the company. Our teams include staff from all levels of operation; from upper management to production personnel and everything in between.  They meet at least bi-monthly; often monthly in the off season.

Our teams oversee Kagome, Australia’s sustainability initiatives including strategic planning, staff engagement activities, and coordination and implementation of strategies and plans.